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Kajakkutleie Austevoll, Villa Skansen

To do


per day

Rent a



per week


500 Nok

Båtutleie Austevoll

900 Nok
per day

Rent a

boat 16"

 5000 Nok
per week


4000 Nok

Activities at sea and on land

In the summer months, the Austevoll archipelago is an eldorado for anyone who wants to bathe, snorkel or engage in other forms of water sports such as paddling. If you want to try fishing, Austevoll and Villa Skansen are the place for you all year round. The neighborhood's boat dock is no more than 50 meters from the house and we have boats and kayaks for rent.















If you are a land crab who prefers to enjoy the sea from shore, Austevoll has lots of activities for you too. The North Sea trails are beautiful and constructed nature trails in magnificent natural landscapes that can be experienced more places in the municipality. We recommend a visit to Bekkjarvik, a lovely place about 30 min. away by car. Here you will find, among other things, a larger shopping center, a landscaped restaurant and a beautiful rose garden.

Fiske på Austevoll

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nice places to visit in Austevoll:

Loddo Austevoll
Kongsen Austevoll
Bekkjarvik gjestehavn

Please try the links below for activities and

nice places to visit in Bergen/Hordaland

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