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Villa Skansen,airbnb Austevoll,utleie Austevoll


Ocean View

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Villa Skansen is idyllically situated on Kalve in Austevoll, five minutes drive from Bakkasund, with outstanding views to the archipelago in Kalsvika, Folgefonna glacier and the wind farm on Fitjar. The villa's closest neighbors are the North Sea Trail and the spectacular viewpoint Skansen, where you can enjoy the sight of Marsteinen lighthouse and the open wild sea, just 1.5 km away on foot.


Villa Skansen is part of a neighborhood with several other wonderful holiday homes, a boat harbor and two shared bathing areas. The municipality center Storebø is the largest village, while idyllic Bekkjarvik and the sheltered guest harbor just south of the municipality are a favorite tourist destination, especially in the summer months. Here you can enjoy a gastronomic experience prepared by chef and Bocuse dOr champion Ørjan Johannesen at Bekkjarvik Gjestgiveri.


Austevoll is an island municipality west of Hordaland consisting of a total of 667 islands, islets and reefs. The island is located between Bergen in the north and Stord in the south, and is connected to the mainland via two different  ferry connections; Krokeide-Hufthamar and Sandvikvåg-Husavik. There is a bridge connection between most large islands, both large and small bridges.


The drive from the ferry dock is a great journey in itself through fishing villages, past very idyllic bathing bays and fascinating coastal scenery. On the last part of the journey - while you look forward to arriving at Villa Skansen - you can enjoy the sight of the wild cheaps grazing along the road not afraid to lay down and rest in the middle of the road. On the way to Kalve on Stora Kalsøy, you will pass both Torangsvåg and Bakkasund where you will find the local country shop and a great guest harbor for the boat people.

Villa Skansen,airbnb Austevoll,utleie Austevoll

Distance from the Villa:

Skansen: 10 min
Bakkasund: 5 min
Storebø: 18 min
Bekkjarvik: 35 min

Bergen: 1t 35 min
Airport: 1t 20 min
Hufthamar: 25 min
Krokeide: 50 min

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