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Villa Skansen firmabooking

Team building



Bring the team

Photo: Knut Skønberg

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Villa Skansen is the perfect place for team building, workshops and gatherings for small and medium-sized groups. After a quick ferry ride from Bergen and the mainland, a breath of fresh air will find you and your colleagues as soon as you arrive at Austevoll. At the far end of the ocean gorge, all unnecessary distractions are suddenly gone.


First, you can use the newly-won energy to get acquainted with the house and your program for the day together with good colleagues. The house houses both a large flat screen and a projector that ensures smooth presentations if that's required. Of course, the house also has a wireless fiber network that delivers fast internet access when needed.


Later, and maybe after a short trip to the lookout point Skansen for a bit of beautiful scenery, the house is ready to lead you through the more informal and social program. A large and very well-equipped kitchen ensures a short distance to the big dining experiences. If needed, Villa Skansen can make sure that the refrigerator on arrival is filled with both food and drinks, as well as fresh bread and coffee on the kitchen counter. In the high season for crabs (August-October), Villa Skansen can also arrange for delivery of crabs.

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