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The road ahead

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Austevoll is connected to the mainland via two different ferry connections. For the locals coming from Bergen and others who come by car from the north, the ferry connection Krokeide-Hufthamar is used, while the ferry connection Sandvikvåg-Husavik is the fastest connection when coming from the south from Stord, Stavanger or Haugesund.

For travelers arriving by plane to Bergen Airport Flesland, we recommend car hire from the airport or express boat from Flesland boat terminal to Hufthamar. For travelers from down town Bergen we recommend a bus from the main bus station to Krokeide ferry terminal, then the ferry to Hufthamar. Alternatively, fast ferry from Bergen city center to Hufthamar. There is a bus from Hufthamar which stops at Villa Skansen on Kalve. Check or the Skyss app for travel times.


Feel free to contact us if you need tips on timetables, best itineraries or alternative travel arrangements.

How long to get there?

Stavanger - Sandvikvåg 3t

Sandvikvåg – Husavik (ferry) 20 min
Husavik – Villa Skansen 35 min
Flesland kai – Hufthamar (boat) 25 min
Bergen – Hufthamar (boat) 50 min

Downtown Bergen – Krokeide 35 min
Airport – Krokeide 20 min
Krokeide – Hufthamar (ferry) 35 min
Hufthamar – Villa Skansen 20-25 min


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